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Vince Young Mulls Return to School for Graduate Football

AUSTIN, TX — Former NFL and University of Texas quarterback Vince Young has confirmed reports that he is mulling a return to college for graduate study in Football. “Really, it’s the only way to gain an edge on the other football professionals in the job market right now,” said the quarterback in a statement released today. Young, 30, studied Football at the University of Texas for 3 years before venturing into the professional world during early to mid-2000s Football Boom. His story is like many young Football undergrads who graduate with the promise of job in the real world only to find the marketplace crowded with other aspiring players. Young was actually luckier than many, having managed to latch on to a football firm, the Tennessee Titans based in Nashville. Although initially successful, Young suddenly found himself out of work after the football bubble burst in 2010. From that point, he’s been forced to take a number of temp jobs, still in his chosen field but with a drastic pay cut. “I work hard each time, sometimes harder than the full-timers,” says Young. “But what I’m finding out is that these firms won’t take you seriously unless you have at least your Masters”. As of press time, Young is applying for a Football Pell Grant to cover living expenses but may instead choose to stay with his mom.

photo credit: Matthew Straubmuller via photopin cc