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Jay Bilas Slams Jay Bilas for Directly Profiting Off of Unpaid Athletes

BRISTOL, CT — On Friday, Jay Bilas, college basketball analyst and noted college athlete activist, took to Twitter to note a troubling trend he’s encountered in the sports world. “There seem to be more and more television personalities who criticize the NCAA while at the same time directly profiting from it,” Bilas tweeted early in the morning. “When I think about guys like me, who openly lambast the NCAA while working at ESPN, which relies on profits made by broadcasting NCAA games, it makes me sick.” Bilas took things further with a pointless act of symbolism — a classic Bilas staple — in which he posted a picture of his latest paycheck from ESPN next to a fake ESPN check for $0 made out to student-athletes. “Perhaps if Bilas was really so outraged by unpaid college athlete labor, he would resign from the entity that profits from it more than anybody,” an increasingly incensed Bilas continued. “But I don’t think that’s going to happen because it might require Jay Bilas to not be full of shit.”